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You want your meat processed the right way. Trust the job to an experienced local butcher at Lumley Locker. We can turn your game into steaks, ground meat or any other fresh cut you like. When you bring your catch to the right meat processing company, you can rest easy knowing you'll get the most out of it.

Call us today to set a time to drop off your meats for processing at our La Belle, MO location.

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Animal Processing

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Our Store

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Trust a local butcher for a variety of products and services. Stop by Lumley Locker for:

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We're the meat processing company and butcher that's dedicated to providing quality work and quality products. Visit us today to get the meats you need to stock your fridge.

Proud to be a local family-owned company

Whether you need to process meat or just want a few delicious steaks to bring home for dinner, visit Lumley Locker. Since 1960, our family owned and operated business has been serving the local region. Our meat is USDA-certified, so you can count on quality meat from us.

Stop by our store to see all of the meats and deli foods we have available.